"They Create an Affair of the Heart"

"They Create an Affair of the Heart"
If there is a fault in the stars, When Clouds Touch will fix it.

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I'd Catch a Cold for You~ When The Clouds Touch #romance

“Malachi, are you sure you want to do this?”

 Entering the bedroom from the bathroom, Paisley lay across the bed her freshly washed feet resting on Malachi’s stomach. With her head hanging nearly off the bed, she wiped her nose and tossed the tissue in the wastebasket. He lifted one of her feet. Running the nail of his pointer finger from heel to toes, enjoying the small shudder she gave before he began rubbing oil on her flesh.

 “You mean the massage? I would hold your feet forever. I would rub your tiny alabaster toes until they fell off. I would eat them for dessert, if you begged me to. Mind you, you’ll have to beg though.”
 “No, silly.” she sniffed softly, trying to bury the sound under a giggle. “I mean, do you really want our families to meet? This is a huge thing, especially in my father’s eyes. It is essentially asking for my hand in marriage.” She sniffed again.

“Are you catching a cold?” Malachi reached for her hands and pulled her up, tucking her under the blankets in two swift movements. “Oh, damn. Your parents are going to kill me.” He jumped from the bed and ran into the kitchen, from where she could hear the frantic slamming of cabinets and the refrigerator door. Returning with a bowl of sliced lemons and a bottle of water, placing the water on the nightstand, Malachi slid under the blankets next to her. “Are you okay? Does anything hurt? Should I call your mom?”

 “Oh, sure, yes call her so you really will be killed. You’re in my bed, we’re barely clothed,” She removed the lemons from his hands, put them on the nightstand on her side of the bed and tossed the water to the floor. “My dad,” She caressed the smooth expanse of his chest. “Would skin you alive right here in this room.” Throwing her leg across his lower limbs she sat up and straddled him. “There are so many other... fun things I would rather do with your skin.”

Rolling her back to her side of the bed, he reached for a lemon and placed it between her lips. “Yeah, but I’d rather you suck on this for a few minutes. Just to make sure you aren’t getting a sore throat or something. I knew I shouldn’t have taken you on that ride.” He looked into her face, worry so deep in his eyes, wrinkles were forming on his brow. Reaching up with fingers that trembled, Paisley rubbed at the offending lines. Tears burned her eyes and before they could roll out she turned her face away. Removing the lemon from her mouth and tried to sit up. “Does it hurt so bad, Cintaku?” Malachi refused to let her move, wiping the tears with his fingers.
 “No, yes. It hurts that I make you worry. I don’t want another person in my life upset over whatever ails me. So worried that they jump at my every sneeze. Grow lines,” She fingered his forehead again. “Because I shiver or move a little slow. I don’t want that for you, for us Malachi and that’s what I need to know, are you sure you want to do this. Being with me could be the pits...I rather we just break apart, now.”

 “Cintaku sedalam samudra setinggi langit diangkasa kepadamu, which means, my love to you is deep as the ocean and as high as the sky above.” He chuckled softly. “There isn’t a pit in the world that would keep me from being with you, Cintaku.”

“Awww, Malachi you’re such a romantic. Am I really your love?”
 “My only love. There was never one before you and there will never be one after you.”
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