"They Create an Affair of the Heart"

"They Create an Affair of the Heart"
If there is a fault in the stars, When Clouds Touch will fix it.

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I'm Gonna Marry Her~ When Clouds Touch #romance #Albinism

“The smaller gift is an Omamori, basically a good luck amulet Omamori means to protect. This one is an Anzan. It’s ...”
“A wish for good health of a pregnant woman and a newborn baby,” her mother finished. The expression on her face as she stared at the amulet in her hand told all sorts of things to the people at the table. Happiness was not one of them.

The younger of Paisley’s two brothers held the small amulet by the string, swinging it back and forth. “Ewww, are you telling us you’re pregnant, Paisley?”
“Yes.” She squealed ecstatically standing and bouncing in place. Twirling until the layers of her skirt flowed, engulfing and wrapping around the legs of her sister who joined her in dance. Khushi Dae and Malachi’s grandmother pushed back their chairs, each happily taking turns embracing Paisley in their joy. Everyone remaining at the table had their attention focused on Malachi.
Not knowing what else to do, Malachi decided to brazen it out. Arms folded behind his head, legs crossed, with a complacent smile on his face, Malachi leaned the chair back until it rested on the back legs. “Well, go ahead and blame me. I’ll stand up to my responsibilities.” 
“You better, akudou.” His father, walking behind him to join the women, swept the legs of the chair as he passed. The immediate laughter from all as Malachi caught himself before hitting the floor, lightened the atmosphere.
“Ha, ha. You all go ahead and laugh.” Malachi stood, brushed down his clothing and straightened his chair while trying to gather his dignity. Instead of sitting, he moved to where Paisley stood. Separating her from the well-wishers, he helped her into her chair but remained standing behind his.Smiling slightly, he accepted the bottle of wine from the hands of the waiter. “Now that Paisley has excited everyone with our little announcement, I wanted to openly apologize for causing everyone stress and ask for the forgiveness of both families.” 
“Wine won’t clear it that easily, little brother.” Yogi sipped from his glass of water, his index finger pointing towards Mr. MuRong. “Words mean nothing, you have to do something bigger.”
“You know me. After lunch I have plans.”
“Malachi, what are you talking about?” Paisley scooted closer and whispered in his ear.
Patting the top of her hand without answering, he directed his next words to her father. “Mr. MuRong, sir, I know I showed you and Paisley’s beautiful mother an enormous amount of disrespect and I want to make up for that.”
“No disrespect to your father, but it will take more than a dinner, where you spring the announcement of my grandchild as easily as you announce the weather. Why is it you always want to have important discussions in a restaurant? Your decorum is wanting.”
“Stick with me through lunch, sir and I promise you will love me.” He laughed at the collective dismissal sound from every person at the table. “Family, don’t give up on me, yet. I’m full of surprises.”
When dessert was served, conversation began to lag until eventually silence reigned and all eyes turned to Malachi. He raised his hand and immediately a waitress appeared by his side and presented a card to Paisley. In confusion, Paisley looked towards Malachi.
“Go with her Paisley, Yoshiko will you go with them? Mr. And Mrs. MuRong, Amma, Appa- everyone,will you follow me?” Malachi reached out, clasping the elbow of his grandmother and helping her from her chair.
“We’ll go with the girls.” Malachi’s mom laughed, excitedly clasping Paisley’s mom’s hand. Looking as if she knew something no one else knew.

The path to the restaurant’s rear garden and pagoda was lined on either side by hedges of roses and covered with arches of red wagasas and lit Japanese lanterns. At the entrance to the pagoda, Malachi stood with his brothers and an officiant, nervously waiting for his bride. 
When Paisley stepped through the double glass doors to the garden, the first notes of Malachi’s favorite song began to play and Paisley had to laugh at the sight of Yogi punching his brother on the shoulder and the short comical argument which ensued. It was obvious to her, Yogi as eldest brother, was chastising Malachi for being bold and teasing her father. What better song to use than Rude by Magic!? Listening to the chorus declaring the singer’s intention to marry his girl touched Paisley through her very being and she was overwhelmed with love. She wanted to run into his arms, but instead, looked up and smiled into the compassionate gaze of her father as he stepped to her side. 
“That fellow is determined to love you, my angel.”
“Yes, for eternity, Ota-san.”
“And I will accept that and treat him as a son, the little gaki.”

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