"They Create an Affair of the Heart"

"They Create an Affair of the Heart"
If there is a fault in the stars, When Clouds Touch will fix it.

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They Point Their Fingers-Each Calling the Other Rude. "When Clouds Touch" by Ey Wade #romance

Thanks for stopping. I know you haven't seen me here before, usually, as the author, I'm always on the interview blog In the Chair. . *Ey laughs delightedly*

Well the other day, I had a chance to visit with Malachi and Mr. MuRong, the men in Paisley’s life and it was... entertaining.
This is a recap of a show, each guest will share a little extra so listen (click links)Let's get started.

"Mr. MuRong, please sit to my right.  Malachi, have a seat."
Ey reaches out to shake the hand of both guest. "Okay, let me ask this question first, Mr. MuRong why do you dislike Malachi so much? "

Frankie MuRong cleared his throat and looked towards Malachi,  staring, grimly,  so long, the younger man became fidgety.

FRANKIE MURONG:  It isn't that I don't like him, I do not believe he is worthy of Paisley.  He takes her as a joke. You made him into a man I can't trust.  Life is too much fun for him.

He is like a boy with a new toy. He sees her as a plaything to do whatever he wishes and most of all, he goes against my demands for my daughter.

Paisley is strong willed and a mischief when it comes to getting what she wishes. I love my daughter dearly and will do anything to keep her here and alive.

He does not or will not see she needs protection not a life of free play.

MALACHI: I'm sorry, sir. I have to disagree. Paisley means life to me. I enjoy making her smile. I would do anything for her.

FRANKIE MURONG: Do you remember the first time you met her, Malachi?  You knocked her down and merrily sent her on her way. It made life difficult for her,  sad.

MALACHI: No, I treated the bump on her head and let her go to live her life as a normal adult. You imprisoned her in your well maintained home and made her miserable. I have made her see life as it can be, enjoyable.

*Ey* Mr. MuRong, why do you believe Paisley needs constant protection? 

MR. MURONG: Paisley is a gentle flower. Pale, delicate skin from Albinism, a heart problem, and immunodeficiency.  He, *thumbing in Malachi's direction* takes her life as a game.

MALACHI;  Again I have to say Mr. MuRong is wrong. If you could only see how happy she is when we are together, you will love me for the joy I bring to her. We can become friends.

MR. MURONG: Infantile response.  It is easy to make a person happy. Keeping them safe and healthy takes a sense of responsibility. She *pointing at Ey* Did not give you that trait.  Tell the audience the dangerous things you do to evoke such happiness.

*Ey *  I happen to love the person Malachi became. Malachi, what are some of the fun things you and Paisley enjoyed?

MALACHI: Simple outings, picnics,  motorcycle rides, a beach trip.

MURONG: And what happened after that beach fiasco,  Malachi?  She almost died.  I can not trust you with her life, again. Your disregard for my commands have sealed it and you will never see her again. This conversation is over.
MuRong stood and walked to the door, stopping briefly at Malachi's words

MALACHI: I intend to marry your daughter,  Sir.  You can bet on that.

*Ey * Phew, that is one serious guy.

MALACHI : Well, you should know, you wrote him like that. You could've gave him a tiny soft spot in his heart for me, I'm a real likeable guy. He's rude."

Ey's laughter filled the room.

*Ey * You characters always kill me, not liking who you turn out to be after you beat my brains to write you to your specifications. You can't blame me, I'm just the key banger.
 Malachi you are a beautiful guy and you just have to live the story you are in, that's life. Thank you for coming, now go get your girl. Oh, before you leave,  are there any words you would like to share with our audience?

MALACHI : Yes. You should read about the love between me and Paisley. Buy the book and check out out blog.

  Malachi, head on the pillow next to Paisley, ignored the ache in his back from hunching over her bed. She wanted him near her and he promised he would sit with her until she was released. Who cared if he felt every bone in his spine was about to shatter, it would be nothing compared to the pain he knew he would feel if he ever lost her.
 He wanted to kick himself. He’d failed. His goal had become focused on keeping Paisley smiling, doing anything to make her happy and that included doing everything her parents had denied her as a child. Freedom to run, to be normal, to experience the bumps and bruises - protecting her from the world like a precious jewel. Like he should have been doing. Just as the tears escaped, puddled and spread near his hand, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Quickly wiping his face before sitting up, Malachi turned and looked around.
“Now, you see how we feel, Mr. Dae.” Mr. MuRong pat the younger man on the back. “Loving Paisley, caring for Paisley is more than an ability, it is a commitment that tears your heart.”

Malachi stood, relinquishing his spot to Paisley’s mother, who immediately kissed her daughter’s cheek and smooth her hair. Head bowed, Malachi moved to the alcove near the windows, followed by Paisley’s father.

“How did you know we were here?”

“We have an alert, a tracer on Paisley’s phone. We waited these past two hours in agony. Waiting for your call, hoping it wasn’t anything serious. Letting you be in charge.”

“You have a tracer on her phone?”

“Of course. We have no choice anything could happen to her. She is our eldest daughter. A fragile child from her birth. Did you know she died as a one year old and thankfully returned to us, then as a two year old she had heart surgery to repair a hole. It has taken everything in me to stand back and let her become the woman she wants to be. Reckless, stubborn, and independent.” Closing his eyes briefly, Mr. MuRong shuddered slightly as if to erase horrible thoughts from his mind. “ I cannot survive the rest of my days on earth constantly worried about the care she receives while in your hands. What have the doctors said?”

“So far, nothing. Just tests.”

“What! Two hours and they have told you nothing? I won’t have it.They will tell me something.” He turned to leave the room, but turned back to face Malachi. “You should watch my actions. If you are to take my place as the protector of my daughter, then you must be invincible. You cannot worry about who likes you, you must be her mouthpiece. I have perfected this, you must watch me and learn.”

Paisley’s father was out of the room and returning in less than five minutes, a very flustered doctor and the attendant Daniel at his heels. The doctor, red faced, looked as if he would choke on whatever it was he was chewing while Daniel, nervously flipping pages on a clipboard, winked an eye when he spied Malachi standing out of the way. 

Frankie MuRong was right. He didn’t play at all when it came to his daughter’s health and obviously everyone entering the room knew it. He reminded them of the many times Paisley had been in the hospital, recited her medications, allergies and past treatments with the accuracy of a well memorized recitation. He took and read her chart with the knowledge of any doctor, questioning their procedures and where they stood in making a diagnosis of her illness.

“Mr. MuRong, we are aware of your feelings for your daughter and we care about her health. As soon as the labs have come back, I can give you the prognosis. Right now, so far, she’s not having any extra issues with her heart than she already had, I’m seeing a chest filled with congestion, her blood pressure has come down nicely, and she has sunburn.”

The MuRongs turned so quickly in Malachi’s direction, he felt as if he could literally feel the weight of their anger ramming him in the chest.

“We lathered her with sunblock and she hid under her umbrella.”

“It’s over 105 degrees outside, Malachi.” The fact Paisley’s mom was calling him stupid wasn’t lost on anyone in the room. It was written all over her face and the way she rolled her eyes and tightened her lips before turning back to face the doctor.

“I know that. Which is why we thought dipping in the water and hiding in the shade ...” What started off as a confident excuse for their adventure, petered out when her father turned away, also ignoring him until the doctor left the room.

Kicking the cushioned leg of one of the recliners stationed under the window, Malachi silently cursed himself. Agreeing with the parent’s assessment of his capabilities, he was an idiot. He turned and practically threw his body into the chair, covering his eyes with the heel of his hands.

“You have to get control of yourself, Mr. Dae. What good would it do for Paisley to see you like this. A woman can be upset,” He pointed to his wife, who teary eyed, wiped the brow of her daughter, whispering words of comfort. “A man must show her confidence. You wanted to be in this, Mr. Dae, and you must be strong. Paisley is so impulsive. She has lived with her heart disease so long, she thinks nothing of it. Believes she will not break, but that is not true. In the last few years, she has been protected through her cardiomyopathy, blessed to have survived so perfectly from the stroke as a child of six, but we take no chances.We do everything we can to make her journey through this life safe and you must make the correct and final judgment when it comes to Paisley.”

“I have been, Sir.”

“You think you have. This is her third time needing care under your watch, Mr. Dae.”

“I’d like to claim only two, Mr. MuRong.”

“I prefer to give you the credit of all three. First, you send her on her merry way after cracking her skull, then you break her leg, and now you fry her near to death and let her catch pneumonia. It’s a blessing, as the doctor said, this doesn’t kick her off the list for a new heart.”

Malachi, studied the other man’s face. Always one for diffusing heated situations, he tested the words in his mind before saying anything.

“Okay, in my defense,” he smiled slightly, his gaze focused on the elder man’s eyes, hoping to prove his sincerity, “the first time I lost it, barely remembering my medical training. So busy drowning in her beautiful purple eyes and feeling her creep into my heart, I ignored my common sense and let her float out of my sight. The second time, she cried about never being allowed to skateboard as a child, I felt guilty. Skateboarding had been my second life as a kid. I have to say, your daughter is a little clumsy, Sir, and she didn’t break her leg, she only twisted her ankle. Wait, Mr. MuRong, before you say what you’re going to say about today,” He raised his hand to stop her father’s words. “Listen, if you would have seen the joy on her face, you would have brought her to the beach, too.” He laughed.

 “I know what you’re going to say, I’m an idiot. But she begs so nicely. Promised she would let me know when she was tired or felt any discomfort. I’m a pushover, but I love your daughter and will do anything for her. How she got pneumonia - I have no idea. She hasn’t even coughed in my presence and be fair, the doctor didn’t say it was pneumonia. Besides, it’s Summer for Christ’s sake.”
“Paisley is a pro at hiding her illness. Never wants to go to the doctor or “waste living,” as she states it.” Mrs. MuRong left her daughter’s side to join the conversation. “Malachi, you have to be her eye of reason. She’s known for sneaking cold medications which only elevate her blood pressure. I know she loves you, wants to be with you ... we both know that,” she glanced at her husband with a small smile. “and we have come to accept that, but we want to be comfortable with the knowledge she is in good hands. This,” she waved her hand to indicate the room. “is not a joke. One bad move can end everything.”

“Mom,” Paisley whispered hoarsely. “I’ll be fine. Don’t blame Malachi, you know how I can be when I want something. Poor soul, he’s such a sweetie, he didn’t stand a chance.”

“Well, he better get on his Ps and Qs if he wants to have you in his future.”
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If there is a fault in the stars, Ey Wade's~ When Clouds Touch will fix that. #romance #comingofage #AsianAmerican

When Clouds Touch received a lovely review on the USA Today HEA blog.

It's always a thrill to get recognition for your stories and I appreciate all of them. Take a look:

"Ey Wades' When Clouds Touch goes outside the box from choosing to write about the aesthetically perfect heroine. As such, the story is richer and more meaningful for the effort. The lessons about finding strength and beauty from within are delivered with delicacy and courage through characters who love and live with purpose and joy.

Wade stays true to her fresh approach from beginning and certainly to the end. Expect the heartstrings to be pulled and the emotions to be stirred for the powerful connection between Paisley and Malachi. A romance with an emotional twist.

About When Clouds Touch (courtesy of InknBeans Press):
Destined to meet since before birth, their story wraps us somewhere between loving and caring, wanting the best for someone, while wanting to see them happy, even when it is risky and they must obey the demands of family.
Paisley, a woman of Japanese descent, living with Albinism and heart disease, is meek, yet makes no apologies for seeking what she yearns to have. Hiding behind the protective fold of her wagasa, she longs for freedom from her overprotective parents and the love of a man she's known only in her dreams, even at the cost of her health.
Malachi, a man who has visions of meeting an elusive shadow, uses his sense of humor and sensitive side to build their relationship. He's determined to win her love, even against the wishes of her parents.

Visit Ey's blog to find more great novels.
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Are Amazon's Review Policies Fair to All Readers- A Petition #romance

Dear book readers: I don't know if you have seen or heard about Amazon's new review policy and if you haven't, let me tell you- it sucks. 

Basically says, your opinion as a reader is ridiculous and doesn't count.

If you were gifted a book, are a fan, family member, friend,  follow or have previously reviewed a book by an author or any ghost of a chance have a virtual connection--  you can not share your opinion on the book.

Yeah, AMAZON may delete it, that's if they ALLOW you to post it. Unfair discrimination and here you are a paying customer.

Worse if you're an author because obviously you can't be a paying reader/customer with an opinion. They've taken review rights away from some, PERMANENTLY.
If you have read any of my books, please leave a review on their blog page. **I Value Your Opinions. Thank you.
Jas Ward
United States
In the world where both Indie and Traditional authors are using all tools available to try to get their latest books out to the reader, it's essential for the authors and their associates to use social media: IE: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
With that being said, a reader is therefore going to have cookies and data when they see that interaction and very likely would have LIKED and/or followed the authors pages, profiles and other avenues being a fan of the author's work.  They are fans after all--they want to know what an author does and their current news and title releases.
Your current process of removing reviews that a reader has created to show their honest & sincere opinion on a book is not fair and cripples the review process more than assists.
In the days of the negative trend where those who wish an author harm are using reviews to hurt sales or the author's confidence, this policy makes zero sense, as the individuals that are instructed or wish to harm are most likely NOT a fan and or follower and therefore would most likely NOT to have as many cookies, data tracks as a good, loyal fan would.
We the authors, fans, reviews, bloggers and other individuals in the industry ask that you please consider how the review process is done. By using a reader's other accessible history to determine if they are worthy of leaving a review by knowledge of an author, is not a fair one. A real fan of any person would, of course, have links to someone they respect and follow and therefore they should have the right to leave a review.
The review process has taken so much heat in the last few years, and while we appreciate Amazon trying to make it a respected tool for a buyer when deciding a purchase, this aspect of your system is not a fair or just part.
Therefore, we are asking that you consider all the above and review your internal policy on tracking a reviewers history. It is not fair nor is it just and we the readers, authors and all-around lovers of books ask that it be stopped.
Thank you.
If any signers have any additional input/info, I can be found and contacted via my Facebook Page:
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