"They Create an Affair of the Heart"

"They Create an Affair of the Heart"
If there is a fault in the stars, When Clouds Touch will fix it.

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Your Love is Smothering Me. ~ When Clouds Touch #parenting

"Paisley, control yourself. We are in public.” 

Her father’s blue eyes had darkened in his anger and she knew her window of making a point and winning the argument had been closed. Lowering her head in submission, she relinquished her determination in silence.
She may be of an adult age, finally living on her own, but she was still the obedient daughter Frankie MuRong had reared and she would not shame him by acting like a recalcitrant child.

“Fine, I’ll go with you, but I’m hungry, now.”
Backing away from his grasp, she shouldered the straps of her bag before stepping around him and into the enclosure of the revolving door.

As the doors went through their cycle, Paisley silently listened to her father’s biting voice as he called in an order to his favorite Asian restaurant. No one was safe from his expectation of perfection. She automatically moved to the right, opened her wagasa to shield her skin from the sun, before following the direction indicated by the pressure of her father’s hand on the small of her back. Her reaction no where near what she’d felt when Malachi touched her.Then she’d wanted to lean back and learn more about him, now, all she wanted to do was get away from her father.
Once in the car, she heatedly joined in the broadcast tirade between her parents.
“That’s not true. I wasn’t going to try and hide anything. I would have told you if you’d given me a chance.”
“Honey,” Her dad broke in. “She had the hair covering her forehead. I wouldn’t have seen,” He paused to reach over and lift her bangs, but Paisley pulled away. Not being thwarted, he continued his description. “There’s a silver dollar sized, angry red, purple and blue knot plastered in the middle.”
“I’d just come from the hairdresser, Oka-san. I had my hair cut into a new style.” Paisley immediately clasped her hands over her mouth, she hadn’t intended to let that part slip, knowing exactly how her mother would react. Now she would really hear it.
“You went to a dirty crowded, public salon?” Her mother’s shocked screech filled the car.
“Oh, my God!” She raised her voice above the level of her mom’s predictions of foreboding. “Oka-san, stop. I had bangs cut, that’s all. Nothing serious. It wasn’t near as bad as that. The place was beautiful, perfectly clean. No one so much as sneezed or coughed. You two worry too much.”
“Worry too much? You should see the dress she has on.” Her father exaggerated. “No sleeves, thin. As if she doesn’t know the sun will burn her. ”
Her parent’s yelling in unison was too much and she could feel herself becoming stressed.
“Stop. I was well hidden under one of the largest most expensive umbrellas ever. No sun touched me. Besides,  I thought our goal was to finally let me live a normal life. People have accidents all of the time and they don’t die. It’s just a bump.”
“For other people maybe, but for you that’s another story. You know...”
“I know. I’m a person with an immunodeficiency.”
“And a bad heart..”
“A heart that hasn’t bothered me in months. An immune system which hasn’t failed me nor caught any illnesses in nearly the same amount of time. You two have got to let me grow up. To be in control of my own health.”
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