"They Create an Affair of the Heart"

"They Create an Affair of the Heart"
If there is a fault in the stars, When Clouds Touch will fix it.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Paisley, Come Out and Play With Me ~ When Clouds Touch #romance #AsianAmerican #IndianAmerican #Holi

“Would you like to go to the Holi festival with me tonight?”
 “I’ll go any and everywhere with you.”
Malachi laughed. Reached across the island in the kitchen of Paisley’s apartment and pulled her close, kissing her lips. She tasted of the mixtures of fruit she was swiping and snacking. The juice from the oranges he was cutting to put in the lemonade, dripped from his hands and perfumed her hair. “Awww, you’re so sweet, Paisley. I almost want to stay right here with you, but I think you’ll love this festival. It’s a celebration of colors and Spring. Usually there are hundreds of people. All friendly and full of fun.”

“Really? I’d love to. Is there a certain way to dress?”
 “I usually wear white because the colors show up better. Sometimes it gets wild. People spray colored water in the crowd and colored powder is thrown. When it lands on you, it can be beautiful.”
 “Sounds like it. What time? Should I cover my hair?”
 “Depends on whether or not you’re an adventurist.”
 “I’m into anything you are.”
“Ooh, I always knew you were the lady for me. And just so we get this straight, you can think me freaky if you want, but I’ve dated and saved each t-shirt from every festival I’ve attended inside a special window box.”
 “Well, you know I’ll never think you’re freaky. You’ve shown me some pretty unique things. I would never have thought about flying kites at night. Last night was magical. The glow in the dark paints made the experience something I will never forget.”
“Wait until you become a part of tonight. I can’t explain the love and feeling of oneness you’ll feel. As soon as we finish our meal, we can leave.”

Three hours later, Paisley was still running and dancing in the dark with the remaining few hundred cheering party goers. Floating in and out of groups of revelers to stand Malachi at her side, under clouds of colored powder, hands in air and twirling under the stars. No one stared at her, no one judged her as she laughed and moved on to the next burst of colors. For the first time in her life she was the same as everyone around her. A willing wiggling canvas, happy and ready for whatever was thrown at her. She’d never felt so uninhibited or ecstatically joyous as she was in that moment. That was until she buried her fingers in the material of Malachi’s shirt, pulled him down to her height and pressed her lips to his.
 “Thank you so much, Malachi. I haven’t felt this free in all of my life. First I was able to be out her during the light of day, hiding in the shadows of a the largest tree and yet I still felt comfortable. Everyone has been really nice. I’m speechless and happy.”
“That’s exactly how I wanted you to feel.You made my day, and my night so perfect. So, are you ready to leave? We’ve been here a while and I don’t want to tire you out.”
“Ooooh,” she pouted a bit, scanning the crowd. “Is it over? There are infants here.” She pointed at a mother hugging a baby in a pouch. Its tiny form covered by a colorful cloth. “I’m not ready to go back home, yet. It’s so boring there.”
Malachi checked his watch, we’ve been here long enough and I think its time for you to take your meds,” He raised his hands in the air in mock fear at the burning stare she gave him. “Okay, okay take it as the medical man in me. You told me you take them at nine, its after ten, now.”
“That’s fine Malachi, I don’t mind you caring for my health, I’m not going to deal with another person acting like my parents, though. My younger brothers have been doing a perfect impression of being their clones. I just want a lover, honey, friend and I want you to be that person.”
“Are you sure you haven’t swallowed too much paint?” Kissing her lips again, he peered into her eyes. “You’re sure you want to start a serious relationship? It’s been three months and I am more than vested. My brothers have been teasing me no end because all of my spare time has been tied with you. There will be no turning back.”
“More than sure. Let’s go on to your home.” Almost as soon as she sat on the seat of the car, her cellphone rang. Digging into her jean pocket with the tip of her fingers, Paisley pulled out her cell. “Hello?” Looking at Malachi, she rolled her eyes, mouthing her frustrations at how her parents were always checking on her. “No, Dad I’m not at home. Yes, I know what time it is. No, I won’t be home soon. I’m hanging out with a friend. I’ll call you later.” Abruptly ending the call, she hurriedly turned off the ringer and pushed it in her backpack before she caved and relented to her father’s demand she go home and rest. “My parents can be really annoying sometimes.”
 “Well, we can go to your apartment if that will make you feel better. I don’t want to start our relationship with a war between your parents.”
 “No, no. It will be okay. It’s time they grew into the fact, I am not a child tied to their traditional ways. Besides, there’s no need for me to rush back to the house. I have my meds with me and I’m with the most dependable person in the world. ”
 “Believe me, I understand parents and tradition. I promise to get you home at a decent hour. At least before the sun rises.” He added, laughing at her wide eyed expression.
 Once in the foyer of his home, Paisley froze in shock. As she stood, her back against one wall, her front faced the image of herself and Malachi in one of the largest ornate mirrors she had ever seen. Where it stood, room height and majestic, she and Malachi were framed in it’s middle, smaller and ridiculously abstract. From head to toe they dripped mixtures of hues. He, smiling in amusement, batted his long dark lashes and she stood mesmerized, following the puffs of pinks yellows and blues that fell from them. Their path falling directly in front of his lips. Lips he pursed to blow the powder in her direction, causing her to blink rapidly to stop herself from grabbing and kissing them again. Her, smiling in return, pale skin the perfect foil for every color of the rainbow. She brushed her hand across the tint at her breast and he watched with bated breath, wishing it were his hands. Her waist length hair streaked, and actually beautiful in its varied rays and she wondered, briefly, whether she should have it permanently colored. Lifting the weight above her head, she examined it closer before letting it loose, to waft down- spraying a multitude of small clouds throughout the room.
“I think it will wash out.” Malachi fingered the abundance of layers, “It is very pretty, though.”
 “I know, right. I was contemplating on keeping the colors, but then my parents, would kill me.”
 “I’m with you, whatever you want to do, but know I would love it more if you kept the original.”

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